can't log in, getting boatloads of helpticket emails, never got help on original help ticket

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Thu Feb 12 11:32:44 EST 2009

On 2/7, posted a help ticket and selected to be emailed replies (or so I thought).  Since then have been getting boatloads of emails of everyone's problems (and replies), but no replies regarding the problem I am having (see below).  I went to log in to see if maybe there would be a response on how to fix my problem, but the password I selected is not being recognized and am not sure what the user ID is unless it is the name.  Tried both email address as well as B L S with password but neither are being recognized.
Please advise.
B. L. S.

Date sent: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 16:21:48 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: difficulties in getting pidgin to log into yahoo mail
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Have never been able to get the mail log-in function to work properly.  Pidgin notifies of any mail in inboxes, and when a new email comes in to a yahoo account, it shows who it's from and the email address etc., but when clicking on the check mail (both open all or just open a particular yahoo mail account), pidgin opens up a yahoo mail login page and the login page show the yahoo ID, but does not complete the login, and yahoo is wanting a person to enter in the password.
When using right click over a yahoo ID and select "check in box", it looks like pidgin is trying to access yahoo mail, but then a yahoo page comes up saying that the page does not exist.
Everything else seems to be working ok, and text chats etc. all work fine and all accounts across various IM services log in when starting Pidgin.  Am also using trillian, and trillan has no problems when slecting to either open mail from the mail notification window, or manually.  Am connected to the internet via a router and high speed modem and browser use defaults to MS IE when attempting log into yahoo mail, which trillian also does and has no problems.    Evidently it gets it part way done, as the yahoo mail login page indicates that it got the Yahoo ID ok.  What could be causing pidgin to not submit the password properly to yahoo to complete the mail login?


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