Is there an actual tutorial somewhere?

Matej Cepl mcepl at
Tue Feb 10 07:01:25 EST 2009

On 2009-02-09, 17:04 GMT, Richard Lemert wrote:
> Is there a nice, simple tutorial somewhere that tells/shows you 
> how to use the program??????

Well, quality introductory documentation is always a problem.  
There is (the site 
is currently down, so I cannot check how good in fact it is), but 
if you have a problem in understanding it, please, file an issue 
in the Trac ( -> Login -> New Ticket) if 
possible with suggestion how the documentation should explain the 

And of course, it would be even better if you would be willing to 
step up and condense your experience into improvements of 
pidgin's official documentation.

> - When I launch the program I get a bare window with 
> a drop-down at the bottom that says "Available". I assume this 
> is supposed to contain my buddy list, but nothing I do on the 
> main screen in this window (double-click, right-click) causes 
> anything to happen.

You have to have some accounts set up -- Accounts/Manage (that's 
that Account Manager you read about).

> - So far I haven't been able to find anything that resembles 
> "add name to buddy list".

Buddies/Add buddy

> Like I said earlier, a nice, simple tutorial - preferably one 
> complete with screen shots - would really help me figure out 
> how to use this tool.

Go ahead and create one. While doing so, ask here for help 
whenever you get stuck. The result would be that a) you would 
learn your way around, b) there would be a nice tutorial ;-).


Matej Cepl

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