Gar Nelson Gar.Nelson at
Mon Feb 9 18:19:15 EST 2009

If you look for the "accounts.xml" file in your .purple directory, you
should be able to read all the account information you previously
stored, primarily what exact account name Pidgin is using, and what
protocol it's configured to use.

Read this ->
to locate your .purple directory.

Since  Pidgin is a multiple protocol IM client, saying you 'can't
connect' is about as useful as saying 'I've fallen and I can't get up'. 
Who are you trying to connect to? AOL, Yahoo, Google, someone's
Jabber/XMPP server?  I could assume from your sig line, you're trying to
connect to AOL, but that would be an assumption.

If you've forgotten your password, that is something that will need to
be taken up with whatever entity hosts the IM server you're trying to
connect to.

Best of luck

Glover, Sandy - McClatchy Interactive wrote:
> I cannot log into my pidgin account and use it constantly. It should
> have this email address as my email address
> (sglover at
> <mailto:sglover at>) and user name is SGloverMI.
> I'm sure it's user error on my part but I have locked myself out of my
> account. Thanks! Sandy
> **Sandy Glover**
> Director, Classified Advertising Development
> McClatchy Interactive
> <>
> (919) 218-3425 cell       AIM: SGloverMI 
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