Is there an actual tutorial somewhere?

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Last Friday I installed Pidgin on my WindowsXP system so I could chat with one of my clients. His company uses SameTime, and someone pointed out that Pidgin supports this protocol. I've even managed to send my contact a test message - and received a response, but the process has been PAINFUL! Furthermore, none of the resources I've been able to find on-line have been very helpful - including the "user's guide" and the FAQ on For example, the user's guide says the following: "Use the Account Editor (Accounts->Add/Edit) to add the account of the appropriate messaging service." There's nothing here though that tells me where to find the "Account Editor".

  Is there a nice, simple tutorial somewhere that tells/shows you how to use the program??????

Some specific questions/comments:

- When I launch the program I get a bare window with a drop-down at the bottom that says "Available". I assume this is supposed to contain my buddy list, but nothing I do on the main screen in this window (double-click, right-click) causes anything to happen.

- After much searching I finally found the Pidgin link in my system's tool tray. This, in fact, is what allowed me to add a SameTime account and to send a new message.

- So far I haven't been able to find anything that resembles "add name to buddy list".

  Like I said earlier, a nice, simple tutorial - preferably one complete with screen shots - would really help me figure out how to use this tool.

  (BTW - I was originally directed to<> for the downloads, but I couldn't find anything there that looked reasonable. I did eventually find, which looks like it's the official pidgin site. Did someone tie up the former so you can't use it?

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