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Phil Hannent phil at
Mon Feb 9 08:32:51 EST 2009

TACTeam Mumbai wrote:
> Am from Bharti Airtel Ltd., AS4948
> One of our customer is using Pidgin messenger and has complained it gets
> disconnected frequently, but at the same time Internet connection works fine
> Bandwidth used is 1Mbps and 7 users are their in his network
> If single user uses it works fine, but when user increases this symtoms
> starts
> Can you pls help me out with some suggestions, what could be the issue
I am not saying that it is from your description, however I once banged my head
against a brick wall for a month trying to figure out a poor connection issue at
a branch office.

All the diagnostics were fine and no errors reported.  In the end it turned out
to be the 4 port switch in the router was broken, you should have seen how
pissed I was when I finally figured that one out.  Lessons learned.

Get the customer to capture the debug window which is on the help menu.  That
might give clues as to what is wrong.

Phil Hannent

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