Jabber VCard Nicknames

Andy Theuninck gohanman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 11:02:33 EST 2009

I'm experiencing an odd issue with Pidgin and Jabber. My Pidgin
install is v 2.5.2 (Win32) and my Jabber server is ejabberd v 2.0.2_2.

I am publishing vcard data on the jabber server. The vcard includes
the following fields: NICKNAME, FN, and EMAIL.

When I log into the jabber service via Pidgin, users in the contact
list are displayed as user at domain rather than using the vcard
nickname. If I right click on a contact and pick "Get Info", the
contact display promptly switches to the vcard nickname.

How do I make this behavior default? Instructing every client to Get
Info on all their contacts isn't ideal. I am figuring there's some way
to make this work because vcard nicknames are used with Adium which is
also libpurple based.

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