Can't get buddy list started

Janine Starykowicz jrstark at
Wed Feb 4 19:22:54 EST 2009

IM is not like email, you can only message people on the same service.  
What Pidgin does is aggregate this, so instead of having MSN Messenger, 
AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger etc. all running at the same time, you 
only need Pidgin.

But you still need a hotmail account to talk to hotmail people, and a 
yahoo account to talk to yahoo people.  And, you can only talk to people 
who have also signed up for these accounts.


Gary Ruxton wrote:
> I just started with Pidgin and I can't input a friend's e-mail 
> address. I have a hotmail address, so I used the MSN category to set 
> up my account. My friend has a business name for a .com. I enter it 
> choosing Buddy List > Buddies > Add Buddy. I enter the buddy e-mail 
> address. Whether I select Favorites, Non-IM Contacts or Other 
> Contacts, I always get a message "Unable to add 'hs at'.The 
> username specified does not exist."
> What am I doing wrong?
> Gary

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