Can't get buddy list started

Kevin Stange kevin at
Wed Feb 4 19:18:06 EST 2009

Gary Ruxton wrote:
> I just started with Pidgin and I can't input a friend's e-mail address.
> I have a hotmail address, so I used the MSN category to set up my
> account. My friend has a business name for a .com. I enter it choosing
> Buddy List > Buddies > Add Buddy. I enter the buddy e-mail address.
> Whether I select Favorites, Non-IM Contacts or Other Contacts, I always
> get a message "Unable to add 'hs at'.The username specified does
> not exist."

When you select to add your buddy, are you making sure to select the
right account from the box above the username field?

Are you sure your friend has registered his MSN account with the email
address you're trying to use?


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