Pidgin - Timestamp Logging Format

Kevin Stange kevin at
Wed Feb 4 18:21:00 EST 2009

Cross, S. Alicia wrote:
> Hi,
> I’ve looked at the FAQ and online help, but haven’t been able to find an
> answer to my inquiry.  I have been using gaim, and I have now upgraded
> to pidgin.  I log the timestamps in my conversations.  In gaim, the
> timestamp was in the 24-hour format, but in pidgin it isn’t.  I cannot
> figure out where to go (or how) to change the timestamp associated with
> the conversations to be in the 24-hour format.  Would you please let me
> know?

There's a plugin shipped with Pidgin called the "Message Timestamp
Formats" plugin.  If you enable this plugin, you can force timestamps
into 24 hour mode and when to show the date in the timestamp.


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