Random IMs

Michael Pobega pobega at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 15:20:29 EST 2009

On Mon, Feb 02, 2009 at 11:59:07AM -0800, Briana Giuliano wrote:
> Hi, I love Pidgin and do not wish to go back to the regular AIM.
> However, twice I have received IMs from screenames I do not know of.
> The first occurred sometime in the fall with the SN of
> ApocalypticFatex and the conversation went as follows:
> (9:25:31 PM) ApocalypticFatex: whore
> (9:26:19 PM) Me: what?
> (9:26:19 PM) Unable to send message: Refused by client
> That occurred twice. Once again today another odd SN contacted me with
> the SN of Ximasuperstarrr
> (8:00:33 PM) Ximasuperstarrr: choose never you whore
> (8:00:33 PM) Me <AUTO-REPLY>: trying to book a flight to portugal but
> forgot which return time i was supposed to choose. thanks memory! 
> (8:00:45 PM) Ximasuperstarrr: and STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY MAN
> (8:00:57 PM) Me: who is this?
> (8:01:17 PM) Ximasuperstarrr: HE'S MINE SO STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM

> Have no idea how these people got my SN or have any idea of what these
> freaks are talking about.  I was wondering if they happen to be
> AIMbots or something.  I haven't had AIM for quite some time, but I
> liked how at least when I received an IM from an unknown person it
> asked beforehand.  I am very concerned about my privacy especially on
> the internet, the only site that shows my SN is Couchsurfers and that
> page is blocked so other viewers can't see.  I have blocked both of
> these SNs, but I became more concerned since it happened again.  Any
> help with this will be appreciated.  
> Thank-you, Briana Giuliano

Are you sure you didn't just piss someone off? Anyway, what I usually do
is have all people not on my buddy list blocked by default, it's
probably what you should do too.


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