I truly want to and I am trying to help you.

G C Martin gcmartin2 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 20:19:14 EST 2009

I, for one, think you have the right idea for Pidgin. I do have some 
time that I can devote, but I'm not sure if there is an audience at Pidgin.

Whoever is reading this email may laugh or scoff at this offer but here 
goes. I ONLY ASK that you put this in front of the owners/developers of 
Pidgin to see if the laughter continues. Please, please do insure that 
this is routed, if need.

My offer is this...Why not let Android do all of the voice/video work 
for you??? Its open-source runs on all platforms and has solved 98% of 
everything you'll want Pidgin users to do.

Now, here's the best part. Pidgin would to 100% of what we all users 
want to do.

I can be reached at 216/362-1330 (9AM - 7PM, M-F, EST) if any discussion 
with me is necessary....George
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