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Vladimir Kraljevic ooydoboora at
Tue Oct 28 13:41:11 EDT 2008

Evan by means of "abracadabra", of course. Duh. Anyway, first of all,
Pidgin only needs to be installed and upon login, all contacts for
that account should load, no matter what computer is at question; So
why not help the girl out...

Victoria, it's no secret that IM contacts are kept on the server, so
just grab Pidgin from their page then
install it, use your login and password and you should be good to go.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 1:34 PM, Evan Platt <evan at> wrote:
> Liverpool, Victoria wrote:
>> i have pidgin installed at my work computer - however, when i try to
>> access it from my home computer i cannot - why is this? can you please
>> tell me what i need to do in order for pidgin to come onto my home
>> computer - do i need to redo everything at home?
> If by 'redo' you mean add accounts.. Yes.
> It's just like installing any program with settings. If you install a
> program at work, how do you expect your home computer to magically have
> settings from a completely separate computer?
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