[Question #48213]: cannot add buddy at all...

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Thu Oct 16 15:13:12 EDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 12:03 -0700, Evan Platt wrote:
> xrysa wrote:
> > I go to the buddies list , I choose "add buddy" ,it appears a cerd , i fill in the gap ''buddie's screen name'' by writing the email adress with which the person i wanna add uses msn(when  i had windowsxp i used to chat through windows live messenger and some of my contacts were  transferred automatically in pidgin ,yet some not...)and appears the following message : "Could not add buddy stam_atiz at yahoo.com to group Buddies to the server list on account xrysamara."
> >
> > Why????
> >   
> Because <Something>@yahoo.com isn't a MSN name, it's a Yahoo name, so 
> you'd add it using Yahoo, and you'd omit the @yahoo.com.

You can use other domains as MSN Passport accounts, and thus use them
with MSN Messenger. As this is yahoo.com, I'm not sure if the problem is
related to the Yahoo Messenger integration.

Is this contact using MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger on their end?

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