[Question #48212]: getting data from windows hard disk

Richard Laager question48212 at answers.launchpad.net
Thu Oct 16 15:10:26 EDT 2008

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Richard Laager proposed the following answer:
If you've formatted the drive, the odds of getting your data back are
extremely thin. If it's really important to you, STOP USING IT
IMMEDIATELY. Then contact a data recovery company where you can send
your hard drive. It'll cost you a pile of money and they *might* be able
to help you. In any case, though, this is not a Pidgin-related question.

As for your Pidgin question... if it's telling you that your account is
suspended, I'd check with your service provider (who is, unless there's
a bug in Pidgin, returning that error) to see why your account is

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