[Question #37150]: Annoying Popup Information on mouse-overs

Richard Laager question37150 at answers.launchpad.net
Thu Oct 30 14:31:41 EDT 2008

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Richard Laager posted a new comment:
1. This is not the right place to discuss this. This is a question which has been answered. You should bring this up on devel at pidgin.im or in a bug report upstream.
2. The tooltip does not hide the item completely. It's true that it cuts it off some, depending on where the mouse pointer is. I'm not sure that we can easily fix that. Either way, though, it doesn't impact you if you're going to click. Your point about the scroll wheel is valid. I'll see if anything can be done there.
3. 500 ms is the default in GTK+, but we don't use that directly. If that has been changed on your system, that would explain why things don't match.

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