Just an Idea

nguyen ba duc tin nguyenbaduc.tin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 20:12:05 EDT 2008

Pidgin is so good that can replace other IM program.
But it still has some problems.

1. I can't type unicode character in chat windows. Hope u can fix it soon
2. Buddy list isn't convenient enough. I can't know what status of me with  
the others. All the symbol are green circle for both who I'm visible and  
available with. It should be some indication to separate 2 groups (I'm  
invisible with and I'm not)
It should be an easy way to set status of me with other (like YM9)
3. And the new mail notification. It informs 2 new mails when I log out  
and login again (but just 1 mail as before)
The number of new mail increase gradually after it time log out/ login (2  
->3 ->4...).
Could u fix it soon?

sorry for the lack of my english if is there any grammer mistake
I'm looking forward to hearing from u soon

Your faithfully,

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