Gadu-gadu protocol is not working

Brian Morrison bdm at
Sun Oct 26 16:42:06 EDT 2008

On Sun, 26 Oct 2008 12:40:52 +0200
Ognyan Rangelov <ognyan.rangelov at> wrote:

> On 25 Oct 08 1:37 PM, Ognyan Rangelov wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Can you please tell me how to use Gadu-gadu portocol with Pidgin 2.5.2
> > because it's not connecting. I don't have any other issues with the other
> > portocols except with this one.

> Do you have any issues with Gadu-Gadu and Pidgin or this is only with me?

You are not giving us much to go on. Which server are you using, and
what output are you getting from Pidgin, debug window entries for

Without some detail, no one will be able to help you much more because
without it we have nothing to point us in the right direction.

For all we know, you're behind a firewall that doesn't allow any SYN
packets through to the server you're using.

Note that I personally have no experience or knowledge of Gadu-Gadu, so
I may be asking for something that is fixed by the service.

Wireshark packet traces may also help if you can get them.


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