[Question #49005]: pidgin crash on clicking on the accept button, icq-uin lost

Crashkopf question49005 at answers.launchpad.net
Sat Oct 25 09:12:59 EDT 2008

New question #49005 on pidgin in ubuntu:

I gave someone my ICQ uin to add me, and when the window popped up where it asks whether to authorize the ###-###-### uin I clicked yes which caused Pidgin to crash completly.

The actual problem is that I did not write down the ICQ uin of that person that appered in the window, and after restarting pidgin, there was no sign that pidgin "saved" the authorizing question for me.

I looked into my ~/.purple directory for any crash logs, but there were only some xml files with settings.

I use pidgin 2.5.0 from the ubuntu repos.

Pls, does anybody know how to restore the uin of the person that wanted to add me? It's important for me to know the number. 

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