[Question #47314]: I CANNOT DO A VOICECHAT - WHY=?

ryan question47314 at answers.launchpad.net
Tue Oct 21 05:57:02 EDT 2008

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ryan proposed the following answer:
If you have an Intel based machine ubuntu linux is just starting to
create drivers for Intel based machine with the intel based sound
recorder.  Don't worry i had the same problem when i had to do a verbal
project for school my recorder wasn't working.  But 3 weeks ago they
released a driver for my sound device so dud you are going to have to
wait for that driver to be released before you can use the sound device
to talk to people.  Don't worry i would go to the ubunut help forums for
more information.  Search what you are having trouble with on the
forums.  The link is http://ubuntuforums.org/ i hope you fix your

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