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I missed the reply-all on this one. Forwarding for those that actually
search the mailing lists.

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Subject: Re: multiple instances of pidgin / Windows - easier method?
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2008/11/15 Geoffrey Lane <freeballer at gmail.com>

> I'm running pidgin in windows, I typically use it and just leave it on for
hours. But a friend has been staying with and wants to use pidgin instead of
some sort of other prog... Problem comes up trying to get multiple working
without closing mine first and/or typing the command(s) on my account and
his (and that seems only way to do this). I even tried making a batch file
and add to group policy to start when user logs in but that still hasn't
> Command I'm using is: "set PIDGIN_MULTI_INST=1″
> Is there another method to allow this? reg fix, startup option, etc...
that's worked for someone else in past
> please help, no sure where to go from here
> Thank for time,
> Geoff

If he has a separate system account, this shouldn't be happening, and is
likely a bug. If so, double check that neither of you have modified the
environment variable PURPLEHOME, and/or both have PIDGIN_MULTI_INST set to 1
(but latter shouldn't be neccessary).

Otherwise, if you're trying to share a single user account, save something
like the following as a .bat file, and use it to start 'your' pidgin. Copy
and edit this to launch 'his', making sure to modify the PURPLEHOME [1] line
to suit your setup ("C:\altuser\settings", or what have you). Note that this
is in no way secure, and you really _should_ use separate system accounts

start "C:\Program Files\Pidgin\pidgin.exe"
Alternative is to create custom shortcuts to pidgin.exe, see -c and -m [3].

[2]: http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/PlainTextPasswords

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