Open log viewer in command line

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Mon Nov 17 06:08:08 EST 2008


John Bailey schrieb:
> Morgan Sennhauser wrote:
>> I was wondering if it was possible to open the pidgin log viewer
>> (normally accessible through Buddies->View User Log->"username") from
>> the command line in Linux or Windows.  Being able to do something like
>> "pidgin-log morgan.sennhauser at
>> <mailto:morgan.sennhauser at>" from command line would, I think
>> be useful, because then launchers for viewing someone's logs could be
>> embedded into things that allow it (for example, I use BasKet for my
>> address book, and have launchers for sending e-mails, going to their
>> facebook, or sshing into their box, and so on) or for a quick command
>> line way to open logs.
>> Thanks in advance for any help.
> No, it's not possible.  We don't currently have any plans for this either.
> Pidgin logs are simply either plain text or HTML, for which all OSes have
> existing mechanisms, some graphical and some text oriented.
In addition to that:
The logs are located in your .purple directory and you can find a 
specific log-directory with the following pattern:
<purple-dir>/logs/<protocol>/<account>/<buddy-name or whatever id the 
protocol uses>.
E.g for MSN on a unix system: 

It should be relatively easy to write some sort of launcher-script which 
opens your favorite text-editor or browser to display the logs...


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