Pidgin DBus unseen-count

Zoltán Nagy abesto0 at
Sun Nov 30 13:49:53 EST 2008

Dear All,

I'm experimenting with a $libpurple_client status plugin for 
traybar-less, or, God forbid, CLI users. In particular, I'd like to get 
which conversations have unread messages, through D-Bus. The following 
in my sh script interacts with the client:

purple-send PurpleConversationGetData int32:$conv string:"unseen-count"

It works fine with Finch, but Pidgin returns 0 for every conversation in 
every case.
I run Pidgin 2.5.2 from the Archlinux repository.

According to Google, Pidgin used to set this field, too. Maybe the name 
was changed? Or is there another way to do this?
Whether there are any new messages would be enough, the unseen 
conversations would be just an extra.

Zoltán Nagy

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