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Raymond Connelly raymond_james_connelly at
Sun Nov 30 08:31:43 EST 2008


I've had a look on the Pidgin main site & I am impressed with the product.

Pidgin & finch look as if they could be exactly what I'm looking for.

I am very interested in adding an multi platform open source IM product into my web site.

My website is still in development at this time & my aim is to have free content such as games, proxy redirect (to banish the censors lol) & of course, hopefully an open source, free, multi protocal instant messenger.

My programing ability is fairly limited (only html).

Is the pidgin/finch programe easily integratable for web application & has the coding already been done?

if so then where can I get the source code to upload on to my website as I believe that I can spread the Pidgin aim of freedom of communication around faster than imaginable.

My end users are 75,000 frustrated contact centre employee's whom are battling against I.T faschism, over policed internet access & mainly bordom.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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