Pidgin Invisibility Option

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Nov 29 21:50:16 EST 2008

Benjamin Mark wrote:
> Good evening,
> Example: I log in at 10PM. I go invisible at 10:30PM. I re-emerge at 11PM. The 
> thing of it is this: The viewer at the other end who sees me at 11:05PM in my 
> visibilty state has but to mouse-over my name to see that I have actually been on 
> line for over one hour as opposed to only 5 minutes. This defeats in some degree 
> the invisiblity factor unless I exit first and then come back as behing visible. Is there 
> a fix for this?
> Sincerely,
> Benjamin

The whole point of invisibility is that you appear to be offline; thus when you
return to available, it is supposed to appear to others as if you have just
signed on.  We behave no differently from the official clients in this regard.
There is no "fix," as we are doing the right thing already.


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