pidgin 2.5.2 crash on send file (MSN)

James . jazzrz86 at
Wed Nov 26 08:04:45 EST 2008

This did not used to happen until some recent update I did, but I am
not sure what update would cause this. The crash happens when I try to
send file (through drag and drop and from the menu). The dialog will
show up for a split second before it goes bauoom. This is the error:

pidgin: cairo.c:87: _cairo_error: Assertion `(status !=

Currently I use GTK+ 2.14.5 / GLib 2.18.3, cairo 1.8.4, 1.4,
pixman 0.12, pango 1.22.3.

I have tried cairo 1.8.2 and cairo 1.6, all have same crash, I suspect
it must be something else, no other program using cairo has this crash
except pidgin. Is there anything else i can do to get better idea of
why it is crash?

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