Pidgin Read Error

Jayanthi jayanthidatta at
Sat Nov 1 05:49:06 EDT 2008

Hi Team,

I am able to connect through XMPP protocol with domain as my server name.

But for every regular interval of time(8-9 mins) is is giving Read Error as
User disconnected. but its again reconnecting automatically. but everytime
highlighting as error.

The following options i have given to create account.

Protocol :XMPP
username: my username
domain: server IP
Resource: Home

In Advance Tab:
Require SSL:unchecked
Force old ssl: unchecked
allow plain text:unchecked
Connect port:5222
connect server:server IP
file transfer proxies:
proxy type: use Global Proxy settings

its working but .. for but every 8 mins giving Error.....

Can anybody suggest what is effecting..

Thanks ....
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