Why pressure featuers you like your self?

afceier afceier at broadpark.no
Wed Mar 5 17:16:48 EST 2008

The reason i made a new topic, was cause the changes/new features 
wasn't the main focus, but they was the source of it all of the main 
focus: "why pressure features and not letting the user get the option"

Giving feedback if you like something or the more normal one, when 
you don't like something is also feedback you can use. I said why i 
preferred point 1. and 2. better in the old version. 1. for people 
with bad eye sight. 2. Cause it its has to do with taste as stated. 
Cause normally i don't exceed the two lines in the new version as 
this is one of your points to not letting us choose the size, but 
that isn't the reason why i don't like it. The reason i don't like it 
has to do with the feel of the program, my taste! Its hard to explain 
why i like apples better than pears. Yes this is a valid reason. That 
is why the option would satisfy more then if you just go for one of the two.

The bug part is what I see as a valid point for not making the 
"option". But i think that every program should strive to let their 
users get to choose as much as possible. But if some things makes 
lots of problems (bugs) then this should be stated if bad feedback 
come. But it should been tried to have the option i think.

Most users use the program right out of the box with just a few 
setting changes. So by letting the new features being set as the 
"default" the program would progress. But those who liked the old 
program, and the old program was what they have been searching. For 
them its kinda sad when its goes away from their liking and there is 
little they can do about it except learning to code and change it(but 
that aren't for everybody) or you could write feedback... as I'm 
doing right now.

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