Why pressure featuers you like your self?

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Wed Mar 5 16:50:02 EST 2008

>There were numerous flaws and faults in the previous behavior which, at
the >very least, we should fix in this process.

What were the flaws and the faults? To me, it was absolutely perfect. I
understand your argument about making Pidgin better, but the new behavior
made it only worse for me, and many others. The reason I stopped using
other IM clients was because they didn't offer a user-resizable input
area. The reason I abandoned every other IM client I ever tried was, yes,
for this one feature.

I don't expect Pidgin to bend to my, or anyone's, wishes. However, to me a
reversion to the old behavior makes the most sense. I absolutely abhor
with a passion with which I cannot even quantify any change that:

1) Resizes anything on my screen without my permission, including, indeed,
input text areas.

2) Takes away a feature that was, largely, the very reason I was using the
IM client in the first place.

3) Ignores the wishes of largely 50% of the user base or more.

Why does this new feature bite the big 'un:

1) I frequently type quite large instant messages to a wide variety of
people. My boss. My girlfriend. A variety of friends. Just looking over my
logs, my average message takes up about seven lines. Why do I want to
scroll to see and check what I am typing? Why should I have to when it
worked perfectly before?

2) I don't want stuff flying all over my screen. If I wanted that, I'd
turn Compiz on, or play Quake. I want things to be where I put them only.

3) In the situations where I do want a miniscule text window, unintuitive
behavior, and text flying all over my screen, even under the old client
(well, similar), I could just shrink my text input window. This is why the
old way makes the most sense.

4) The window looks very unbalanced with a bunch of text on top and a
little that I can not read easily or check in the bottom. The aesthetics
of it alone are terrible.

5) And, the most important reason to change it back is that it's what I,
and many other users, prefer.

I'd be willing to donate as much money as it will take to get this feature
reverted. What's the going price? That's a serious offer, by the way.

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