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> you mention the extremely long development time of pidgin is partly due to the fact that all your developers are not that interested in features such as video call/teleconferencing, etc. i'd just like to point out that if you are to be a serious contender in the im market, their likes/dislikes mean nothing. this is business and if people that work on the project (even if they're volunteers) cannot meet this commitment, then you should withdraw your product from the market as 'unsupportable'. don't get me wrong... i love pidgin. but without features to help me conduct business on a daily basis, it is worthless. i hope your developers will realize that if they're going to compete in a major marketplace, they need to push their personal preferences aside, because they are producing a product for the market, not themselves. 

There speaks a man who cannot write a coherent, punctuated, properly
laid out email. I'm sorry I had to quote it all to make it obvious. Let
me know what your business is so that I can avoid it and recommend
others do likewise.

Remember this; Pidgin for you is clearly worth what you paid for it, so
please stop using it and go and buy the product you want. Don't forget
to ensure you also purchase the support you clearly require for it to
meet your mission critical needs. I sincerely hope that eats into your
profitability to the point where you need to crawl back under whichever
bridge you emerged from.

Meanwhile the rest of us will continue to use and appreciate Pidgin
daily and be very pleased that we can do so after the tremendous effort
put in by all the developers over a very long period.


Brian Morrison

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    after a while you realize you are muddy and the pig is enjoying it."

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