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Thu Jul 31 10:29:28 EDT 2008

robert mcquirt wrote:
> you mention the extremely long development time of pidgin is partly due 
> to the fact that all your developers are not that interested in features 
> such as video call/teleconferencing, etc. i'd just like to point out 
> that if you are to be a serious contender in the im market, their 
> likes/dislikes mean nothing. this is business and if people that work on 
> the project (even if they're volunteers) cannot meet this commitment, 
> then you should withdraw your product from the market as 
> 'unsupportable'. don't get me wrong... i love pidgin. but without 
> features to help me conduct business on a daily basis, it is worthless. 
> i hope your developers will realize that if they're going to compete in 
> a major marketplace, they need to push their personal preferences aside, 
> because they are producing a product for the market, not themselves.
Based on that same logic charities should just shut down.  They cannot meet the 
needs of every starving person in the world so they should withdraw from helping 

Video and voice is being worked on.  If it was trivial it would have been done 
by now.

Pidgin is free and meets the needs of millions of users each day.  It is not in 
business and not contending for anything.  The world is not made up of just 

Phil Hannent

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