which plugin or how to support msn native "currently playing song" feature

Phil Hannent phil at hannent.co.uk
Wed Jul 30 04:51:52 EDT 2008

Ye Xu wrote:
> Hello Everyone,

> I had tried several plugins including musictracker etc, but it seems 
> that they all won't support the msn native "current song" feature, which 
> normally will show the song infomation in blue clickable link at the 
> right side of each nicknames on the contact list. not like musictracker 
> simply append the song infomation in plain text form right after the 
> nickname.
What you are looking for does not exist as far as I am aware, however having a 
quick look at some of the plug-ins it might just be:

The screen shots from the page indicate the a link to Amazon is created for you 
to click on.

I would suggest you contact the author(s) of your favourite music plug-in and 
ask if it could be added.  That is probably your best option right now.

Phil Hannent

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