Google Talk doesn't appear to work?

Evan Platt evan at
Mon Jul 28 14:48:10 EDT 2008

Pidgin 2.4.3 on a XP Pro machine..

I thought it had been working, but to be honest, I can't recall the last 
chat I had with anyone on google talk.

I added a coworker - nothing.
He added me - nothing.

No errors.

If I change my password in pidgin (for the Gmail protocol), I get a read 

I show up on my own buddy list.

Not sure what debugging information I can offer, or what other 
information I can give.

I added the protocol as Google Talk, but it appears to have changed to XMPP.

I googled a bit and found a link suggesting under advanced, I check 
Force Old Port 5223, and change connect port to 443,  and connect server 
to My account is a account, if that matters.

Any suggestions appreciated.



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