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stalin wrote:
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> Hi,
> I have installed ubuntu live chat support by using this package - gnome-panel_2.14.1-0ubuntu8_i386.deb. But did not get live chat support link in help menu option.how to install live chat support.please give me the step by step explanation.
The package you are looking at has not yet been included within ubuntu (as far
as I can see on my ubuntu 8.04).  What the live chat support does for you is
what is talked about here:

What you want to do is:
Start Pidgin (from Applications -> Internet -> Pidgin Instant Messenger),
Add a new IRC account,
Create a Username for yourself,
Set the server to be: irc.freenode.net
Set a password for yourself,
Save and enable the account,

When the account is enabled a message should pop-up letting you know you are
connected.  You can then type:
/join #ubuntu

You are effectively done, you can ask away.  Just follow the guidelines on the
page above.

Also if this is your first time in chat rooms I would say that you should not
ask to ask but just ask.

Phil Hannent

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