Some buddies appear "idle" - should be "available"

Phil Hannent phil at
Thu Jul 24 04:11:53 EDT 2008

Lee B. wrote:
> I have several buddies who always appear "idle," even when they are 
> using the keyboard. I can contact them, but they appear "idle."
> They are all using Windows XP
> They are all using MSN protocol
> They all use OTR (if that matters)
> Others buddies with these same attributes appear normal ("available" 
> when they are at the keyboard)
> Is there something I can check or change to rectify this "idle" problem?
What would be really helpful would be to know how their preferences for idle are 
setup?  You can set the idle to be based on the last message sent rather than 
keyboard and mouse usage.

Also could they try another protocol?  To see if its specific to MSN.

Phil Hannent

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