MSN connection error: Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book

Mike Leahy mgl.gis at
Fri Jul 18 05:59:57 EDT 2008

Hello list,

It seems that after recently adding a new contact to my MSN list, I'm unable
to connect with Pidgin.  Other clients can connect (at least MSN Messenger
and emesene both work fine).  Here's the order of events:

Someone added me to their list.
I approved them (so he could see me on his list), but I accidentally
cancelled adding them to my own list.
I added the same person as a new contact, and he appeared in my list - all
was fine as far as I could tell.
I hibernated my machine, went home, turned on my computer, but didn't look
at Pidgin until the morning.

When I finally did check Pidgin, I saw that my Messenger account was
disconnected (I also have Google-talk, and a (disabled) ICQ account setup in
Pidgin).  The reason for not being able to connect is the error message in
the subject: "Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book".

If I have another client, like emesene signed-in, and I attempt to login
with Pidgin, emesene will get signed-off, but then I get the same address
book error in Pidgin.  I figure something is messed up maybe with some
recent changes to MSN.

I've tried several versions of Pidgin 2.4.x (I'm running it on F7-x86_64),
but so far no luck.

Any suggestions?

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