Metacity patch causing some drama

Mark Doliner mark at
Mon Jul 14 13:40:21 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 9:22 AM, tunnel <technicull at> wrote:
> Mark Doliner wrote:
>> It sounds like we don't think there's much we can do about this
>> without hurting the behavior of Pidgin for other people.  Do you think
>> you could leave a friendly comment at
>> and describe what
>> happens now and explain what you think the ideal behavior would be and
>> why?  Thanks,Mark
> That is not the impression I am getting from Casey. Trying to rectify the
> two responses, and not sure how to proceed. As for posting to gnome
> bugzilla, I really think this is a pretty big issue that has completely
> altered previous Pidgin behavior. It seems out of place for me, a mere user,
> to discuss such a core bug with the gnome windowing people, when Pidgin
> developers would be far move vested in the issue, and better able to
> understand the questions and follow-up that would no doubt ensue there.
> Users and devs have a different vernacular and base of understanding.
> If I had the good fortune to have the skills of a Pidgin developer, I'd be
> one, and probably be all over this issue like stink on a monkey.  Sadly, I'm
> not. But if you really feel it would help, I will try. I'd rather someone
> with a clue do that. I'm just the poor dumb user who wants it all to, as the
> Apple folks love to say, "just work."

I believe Casey said he would try to create a plugin which makes
Pidgin behave the way it used to.  But that's really not an ideal
solution.  If you really want the old behavior back it would be better
if you let the
window manager developers know the problem you're having so they can
figure out the best way to fix it.

Another good place to leave a friendly comment is


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