Pidgin website - split support from development

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Jul 8 12:29:58 EDT 2008

2008/7/8 Phil Hannent <phil at>:
> Kevin Stange wrote:
>> This is an end goal for the web site.  If you're willing to pull the
>> im.pidgin.www branch from monotone and work up a "Support" section, which
>> would feature both "support pidgin" (donations, how to help) and "get
>> support for pidgin" (FAQ, where to get help) information, this would be
>> helpful.
>> Basically, we'd take "Support & Development" and convert it to two tabs,
>> one called "Support" and one called "Development" and then focus the support
>> pages on helpful user information and entry points into d.p.i containing
>> support oriented pages.
>> I have trouble finding the time to do this, but if someone else gets it
>> started I will gladly review and integrate things.
> That is great.  Is there a place on the server where in progress changes
> could be put for testing?  I just created a patch for
> but cannot test it without setting up
> a PHP web server.
> Also was there mention of having a multi lingual version of the site and if
> so was there a preferred method of doing that?

I totally agree that splitting "Support" and "Development" into two
tabs is a good idea.  We don't have any sort of test website area
right now.  Using your own machine is probably the easiest thing to
do.  It would be neat if we set up an or some
such which would automatically update from im.pidgin.www or
im.pidgin.www.test when changes are made.

And I think a multi-lingual version of the site would be good too.  We
haven't really talked about how to do that, but there are some notes
at the bottom of


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