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Below is an example email which we have been getting a lot of lately.  I 
figured at the weekend that I should put some example screenshots in the 

I was just looking at the site and I would like to make some 
constructive criticism, if I may.

1,  I think that with the number of very simple questions we are getting 
from new users, we would split the support from the development page.  
This might be less intimidating for people to choose.

2,  The FAQ is massive (but logically laid out) and in my experience 
people glaze over large documents.  Could that be split into end user 
and developer FAQ since that again contains a mix of the two?  Seeing 
"Compiling" as a subject on the front screen might put some people off.

3,  I do not think many people read the "Tips for Bug Reports" but I 
cannot see a way of highlighting it more for people other than creating 
a web form with a layout which already has preferred details pre-filled.

<>I think Pidgin is an 
excellent example of good user interface design, however we are seeing a 
new class of user that just needs a little hand holding.  There was talk 
a while back about an account setup wizard (or druid is there is a 
patent on setup wizards ;-p ) but I think that would be overkill and a 
feature that would not get tested much before a release.

Phil Hannent

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Thanks Richard, 
I got it to work by putting behind my screen name. I wasn't doing that before because on the yahoo account it wouldn't work with the domain name in that field.
Thanks again,

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