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Phil Hannent phil at
Sun Jul 6 12:00:49 EDT 2008

Agnes Andersson Svärd wrote:
> Thank you for your answer, but it still doesnt work. :( I just got my computer and don't know anything about Linux =/, that's why I would like to take this from the beginning, if it's ok.
No problem.
> I've added my MSNaccount, and as ID I type in my MSNadress right? And then on <Advanced> what do I type in as a server <>, and as <Port>?
> I've googled the internet for any suitable settings, but havn't found anything.
In your account screen on the advanced tab you should have:
Port: 1863
These are standard and you do not need to alter these.

On the basic tab you just need to select MSN as the protocol and the
username would be the full email address you have signed up with MSN with.

> So what do i do with the Network settings?
> I tried to type as the IP-adress, but it was still the same. Is there any other stunservers I can try? 
In the preferences the STUN server should be:
and you should have Autodetect IP address ticked.  If the stunserver is
not working just leave it blank, you do not need to connect.
> My connectingissue is that I can't even log into MSN, or anything else using pidgin. 
> I can use skype, so there's nothing wrong with the internetconnection.
If you have problems still, let me know the error message you are
getting, or if you like I can post some screenshots to show you.
> I use Firefox on this comp. 
> And it's a Asus Eee PC series.
Very nice PC.

Phil Hannent

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