Problem: Buddys get lost from my Buddy-List

Henning Huckfeldt nanority at
Fri Jul 4 11:37:35 EDT 2008


Yesterday I stopped using licq because of some missing features and 
changed over to pidgin. Maybe because of a strange behavior of licq, not 
all my contacts where automatically added in pidgin. So I added them 
manually using Crtl+B. Till here everything worked fine.
Today I started up pidgin and soon realised than some of my "Buddys" 
where missing, maybe because of a missing authorisation I thought. So 
again I synchronised my buddy-list with the one in licq.
How ever, a few hours after this, I have to realise than min. one buddy 
is again missing. I'm not sure if he was missing the first time, but I 
don't think so. The one who was missing had authorised me, and we 
chatted the day before. After re-adding the buddy, I'm also able to read 
the logs from yesterday.

So, what is wrong? Why Buddys get lost from my list?

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English!
P.P.S.: Running on Gentoo...

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