Pidgin won't connect to MSN network since yesterday

Luiz Pimenta pimenta at
Thu Jul 3 15:11:08 EDT 2008

Subject: Pidgin won't connect to MSN network since yesterday
Date: Tue Jul 1 05:59:35 EDT 2008

> Hi!
> I'm having trouble to connect to the MSN network using Pidgin 2.3.1. I
> had no problem before yesterday. Since then I did not update anything,
> did nothing to my system, but Pidgin won't connect. I recieve "Unable to
> connet Unable to authenticate" messages. I can sign on using
> so my msn account should be OK.


Just read that on the list archives:

Apparently I have that problem for Pidgin 2.2.2 on FreeBSD 7.0.

Pidgin can not connect to MSN network, returns error message:

--- cut
Unable to authenticate: Unable to connect

Pidgin will not attempt to reconnect the account until you correct the
error and re-enable the account.
--- cut

I will try to update to 2.4.3 since it worked fine with MSN network on
a Windows XP I have used yesterday. Is there anyone on this list
running Pidgin 2.4.3 on FreeBSD, how did you install, packages or


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