multiple pidgin instances, incorrect "I'm not here right now" status

Alan Herrlich alan.herrlich at
Wed Jul 30 09:06:02 EDT 2008

This seems like a bug but want to check before create one.  I didn't
see anything like this in the support mailing list archives or in
quick searches of the bug database.

I keep Pidgin running at home (Linux pidgin-2.4.3-1.fc9.i386) and at
work (Windows Pidgin 2.4.3) and login to the same Yahoo account in
both places.  Of course, I get kicked off that account at home when I
get to work in the morning and at work when I get home at night.  I
get a message from Pidgin and just click on the Reconnect button to
reconnect to the accounts.

I think I've only seen this issue when I get to work... the Yahoo
account has a status of "I'm not here right now" even though the
status I have it set to is "Available".  I can see this because I have
added myself as a buddy.  The only way to clear it is to set my status
to "Away", wait for it to be reflected in my buddy status and then set
it back to "Available".


- Alan

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