Phil Hannent phil at
Thu Jul 24 05:54:04 EDT 2008

David Balazic wrote:
> Phil Hannent wrote:
>> Akshat Gupta wrote:
>>> You've made it very difficult for users to give you 
>> feedback about your 
>>> software. 
>> I am sorry you feel that way, could you expand on what you 
>> feel is missing or wrong?
> Well, obviously, there is no "Give feedback" button/menu anywhere
> in Pidgin. Or "Get help/support".
There is "Help -> Online help" or "Help -> About" which will point you to the 
website.  While there is no "Give feedback" option I personally do not see the 
current setup as "very difficult".

Also in your view how would a "Give feedback" option work?

Phil Hannent

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