Better buddy alerts; log flushing

Yang Zhang yanghatespam at
Tue Jul 22 01:39:20 EDT 2008


Yang Zhang wrote:
> Hi, I'd like to use buddy pounces to see a short history of the status 
> changes of a small set of users.
> If I try to set up popup window pounces, then I end up with a hojillion 
> windows because these users may be changing their status a whole bunch.
> If I try to use the IM window pounces, then it's almost what I want, 
> except it's annoying to have these displays alongside my regular IM 
> conversations (can't tell which tabs are actually conversations).  Plus 
> I end up with a bunch of garbage logs, because I use the plug-in for 
> displaying user status changes in the IM window.
> Is there any plug-in out there that comes close to providing what I want?
> Also, how do logs (in particular system logs) get flushed?  Are they 
> flushed within a certain time bound?  I'm wondering if I can just write 
> a small shell script that follows the .system logs and greps for the 
> users I care about.
> Thanks in advance!
Yang Zhang

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