[Question #39213]: I believe there's a memory leak; how can I test?

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Adam Buchbinder wrote:
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> I'm running Ubuntu Gutsy.
> Recently, I noticed that pidgin was using around 600MB of memory (according to the VIRT column in top); I killed it, and about that much disappeared from swap--I think this means that pidgin had actually used that memory for something; it wasn't like the way a Java process will list the max allocation in its VIRT column. As I'm running a relatively low-memory system (0.5G), this is a significant problem. It had been running for at least a week, probably several; I use it for plain-vanilla instant messaging over Jabber and AIM.
> I'd like to know how I can diagnose the memory leak, to file a more helpful bug report. Is there a trace tool? Some particular incantation to create a useful debug log?
A memory leak of such magnitude would probably been found already.  I know for a 
fact that when I run Pidgin for that length of time it does not even come close 
to the size you are seeing.

Could you provide more details:
1, Which version of Pidgin are you using?
2, What plugins are being used?  OTR?  Skype? Guifications? Music
3, How many buddies do you have roughly?
4, Are you in any chat rooms for that whole time?

There was a bug reported on the windows version that relates to GTK to do with 
the wallpaper changing:

There is a page on how to report bugs, however it is more targeted at crashes or 
something failing:

As a developer you can run the software within a tool that highlights memory 
leaks, however that is probably too complex for a support situation.

Sorry I cannot be more specific but with more information we might be able to 
get to the bottom of this.

Phil Hannent

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