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Phil Hannent phil at
Thu Jul 17 04:34:45 EDT 2008

John Bailey wrote:
> This seems to be significantly more common on Windows than it is on UNIX-like
> systems.  As Evan Platt suggested, keep a backup of accounts.xml (ideally the
> whole .purple directory, whose location is covered in our FAQ) and restore as
> needed.  We've tried a number of things to fix this and it still continues to
> fail; I think we've reached the limit of what we can reasonably do to fix the
> problem.
Given that this is a problem with other applications (on windows) would the 
developers accept patches that created a backup when the file changed?

I noticed that Firefox creates a Bookmark backup (or used to in v2) so that if 
it gets lost in this same way, a user can manually roll back without going to 
the trouble of locating a system administrator to restore 30kb of data which 
would probably not get done for 3 days ;-)

Phil Hannent

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