Status/Idle options in Pidgin (windows) not clear

MDW pidgin.mdw at
Thu Jul 10 08:45:05 EDT 2008


I noticed the following bug/inconsistencies with the Status/Idle
options in Pidgin for Windows when I was trying to set my idle options
how I like them.

What I'm trying to achieve:  Report myself as "Idle" when I don't use
the computer for a set length of time, but do not show others how long
I have been idle (this is possible in Yahoo Messenger for instance -
you can have the 'Show me as idle..' checkbox enabled and also the 'do
not show anyone how long i have been idle' checkbox enabled.)

In Pidgin preferences I found:

- Its impossible to have idle reporting enabled but at the same time
disable the reporting of HOW LONG you have been idle.
- The 'Minutes before becoming idle' parameter should be under the
'Idle' section at the top, and it should not be greyed out if
'Auto-away change status when idle' is unchecked.  i.e. the value here
is still used for the idle function, even if auto-away is not being
- If you set "report idle time" to Never, then auto-away does not
function at all.  I guess this means auto-away options should all be
greyed out, but I'd prefer to still have the "idle" option separate
from the "how long have i been idle (idle time)" option which would
mean auto-away could still function.

Please do let me know if I have got any of the above wrong or there
are workarounds.


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