Zoé Skótos zoe.skotos at
Wed Jul 9 09:41:40 EDT 2008

I really don't know why Guifications don't work on my system and I think 
that this don't depend on which Windows version you use, I use, as a super 
workstation system, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition x64.
Do I really have to set for each Buddy a Guification notice?
Do I really have to set this every time I (re)start Pidgin?
Should I reinstall the Guifications? Would this help?
I need the old German orthography for Aspell. Where it is possible to get it 
as an .exe file? Because I searched the whole internet for it with no 
results. Does someone of the German writers here have the old German (bevor 
1997) .exe file for Aspell?
Many questions in a single post but I hope someone could answer it.
Thanks in advance, Zoé

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