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Zoé Skótos zoe.skotos at
Tue Jul 8 09:25:16 EDT 2008

I would translate it into German, it's an easy step for me.

Phil Hannent Wrote:
> Kevin Stange wrote:
>> This is an end goal for the web site.  If you're willing to pull the 
>> im.pidgin.www branch from monotone and work up a "Support" section, 
>> which would feature both "support pidgin" (donations, how to help) and 
>> "get support for pidgin" (FAQ, where to get help) information, this 
>> would be helpful.
>> Basically, we'd take "Support & Development" and convert it to two 
>> tabs, one called "Support" and one called "Development" and then focus 
>> the support pages on helpful user information and entry points into 
>> d.p.i containing support oriented pages.
>> I have trouble finding the time to do this, but if someone else gets 
>> it started I will gladly review and integrate things.
> That is great.  Is there a place on the server where in progress changes 
> could be put for testing?  I just created a patch for 
> but cannot test it without 
> setting up a PHP web server.
> Also was there mention of having a multi lingual version of the site and 
> if so was there a preferred method of doing that?
> Regards
> Phil Hannent
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