Personal Buddy Icons don't show

Darrin Taylor d.taylor at
Mon Jul 7 19:09:39 EDT 2008

So with the continued "my pidgin doesn't work" with no supporting 
information like OS, Version or Message protocol and the constant 
barrage of launchpad "your question has changed slightly" emails, I will 
have to abandon this mailing list. 
Thanks to the pidgin support team for a great product, especially Ethan 
who seems to have the patience of a saint.
Might I suggest to users of a new product, before posting to an email to 
a support list do a little research like resading previous mails and 
their responses.

Zoé Skótos wrote:
> Hello,
> my Pidgin don't shows me my personal buddy icons on the right hand side, it 
> shows me just for two accounts (MSN), the other accounts don't have a buddy 
> icon althougth they are set in the control panell for the connections.
> Any help will be apreciated.
> Thank you in advance, Zoé
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